Samuel DUNN [1017]
(Cir 1808-1854)
Joan DUFTY [4793]

Alfred Henry DUNN [930]
(Abt 1845-1904)


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Susanna RYDER [920]

Alfred Henry DUNN [930]

  • Born: Abt 1845
  • Marriage: Susanna RYDER [920] on 30 Jan 1867 in Res of Joseph Ryder, Nairne, South Australia
  • Died: 7 Jul 1904, Melbourne Hosp., Flemington, Melbourne, Australia aged about 59

bullet  General Notes:

Occupation: Miller, Clerk

The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922) Sat 29 Dec 1883
[From our own Correspondent.]
MOUNT BARKER; December 27.
A case of considerable interest was tried at the local Police Court to-day, before Mr. O'Halloran, S.M. Alfred Henry Dunn, the paid secretary of the Flinders Lodge of Oddfellows, Nairne, was summoned by John William King, Noble Grand, on behalf of the lodge, for the purpose of compelling him to give up the books and papers of the lodge to the trustees. Mr. von Doussa appeared for the complainant, and Mr. Brett for the defendant. After a long hearing an order was made for the restitution of the books, with two guineas costs against Dunn. Mr. Brett stated that he would appeal against the decision. The complaint was laid under the seventeenth clause of the Manchester Unity: Act of 1874.

The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser (SA : 1880 - 1954) Fri 25 Jan 1884
A fire took place at the Oddfellows Hall, Naime, on Sunday morning last, and as there were circumstances connected with it which required explanation an inquest was held at the Millers Arms Hotel, on Tuesday afternoon, before Mr. T. J. S. O'Halloran, S.M. The following jury were empanelled : - Messrs. Henry Jackson, J.P., (foreman,) John Clezy, J.P., David Chapman, J.P., Richard Williams, Henry Robinson, Henry Stuart, Conrad Pflaun, Mark Beacham, William Jarrett, Frederick Thomas, William W. Wilson, and David Johns. Turner represented the Insurance Company, and Sergeant Field conducted the case for the police. The jury having inspected the building the following evidence was taken:- Jane Johns, wife of David Johns, deposed-I live about 300 yards from the Oddfellows Hall. I did not go to bed at all last Saturday night. I went to the stable at 10 minutes to 2 o'clock of Sunday morning to hurry the man in putting the horse into the cart. As I was going to the stable I saw the fire coming out of the front door of the Oddfellows' Hall. I told Harry Johns, my son, and Frederick Teape to run to Police. I ran to Mrs. Braund and called her and her husband, and then on to other neighbours.
By Jury-I saw no one at all until I called Mr. and Mrs. Braund.
Sarah Braund, wife of William Braund, deposed-Mrs. Johns came to our house last Sunday morning about 2 o'clock, and stated that the Hall was on fire. I went up to the fire, and carried water from our house. When I got there I saw no one. The fire was coming out over the door. I don't think it could have been on fire very long as it had not gone by the door. I don't think it could have beeu on fire more than half an hour, if that much. I live about 150 yards from the Hall. I heard no one passing up or down during the night.
By Mr. Turner-The door was not open.
By Jury-Some parts of the fire bad burnt through the corners of the panels when we got up. Only the door appeared to be getting alight then.
Frederick Teape, baker in the employ of David Johns, deposed-About 20 minutes to 2 o'clock on Sunday morning, the 20th inst., I was harnessing the horse, when Mrs. Johns called my attention to a fire in the Oddfellows' Hall. The fire was coming out at the top of the Hall door. I at once gave the alarm to the Police, and then I proceeded to the Hall. I saw no one there, and found the place well alight. I had seen no one in the time. Seeing no one there I ran back for buckets. On my return I saw M.C. Liever, and then assisted to put the lire out.
By Mr. Turner-I cannot say if the front door was shut or open.
By Police-I was in my bedroom when Mrs. Johns called me. I could not have seen from my room if anyone was about. When I arrived at the fire it appeared to me as if it had been on fire about ten minutes. I had been in my room about a quarter of an hour before being called. I heard no one pass after I went into my room.
By Jury-I did not notice the building before I went to bed.
Alfred Henry Dunn, Nairne, deposed-I am Clerk of the District Council. I was at the Hall on the evening of the 19th inst. attending the Lodge of Oddfellows. The lodge was over about half-past 9 o'clock. The last persons to leave the Hall were Spence, Carr, myself, Timinins, and Chapman, Alfred Chapman being the last to leave. I saw no one smoking. Alfred Chapman closed the door. It is a draw-back lock. Chapman had a candle in a brass candlestick. He blew it out before closing the door- I think he put it in the floor or Oddfellows' box. I don't know if the back door was locked. Alfred Chapman, Dr. Deane, and myself have keys to the Hall, and also Mr. Spence. The Hall is insured in the Union of New Zealand for 800.
By Mr. Turner-I have not been Secretary of the Lodge since 1st inst-. Mr. Carr was elected Secretary on Saturday night, and was one of those who left with me. I left generally on good terms with the Lodge. I was not ordered out of the building within a few days of the fire. When I left the Lodge I went to the Millers' Arms; I got there a few minutes after leaving the Lodge, I came with Timmens and Chapman. I retmumed about half an hour and then went into the other Hotel and remained until about 11 o'clock, and then went home, which is about two and a half miles from here. I got home about half-past 11 o'clock.
By Police-My office was on left hand side of building. I went in for some blotting paper whilst the Lodge was being held. I took in no light. No books of the District Council are destroyed so far as I know. I kept the most important books on opposite side of door near the wall. Mr. Stevens called my attention to fire about 9 or 10 a.m. on Sunday morning just as I was entering the township.
By Jury-No matches were kept in the office. I suppose the Trustees have the policy of Insurance. I estimate damage at 150.
Alfred Chapman, wheelwright, deposed-I was at the Oddfellows' Hall last Saturday night. I left about half-past 9 o'clock, in company with Messrs. Dunn and Tiinmins. We were the last three to leave the Hall. Spence and Carr were just at the gate. I was the last out. I carried a candlestick in my hand from the platform to the inside door with a quarter of an inch of candle in it, which I blew out at the inside door. I placed it on a box just inside the front door, and closed the door and went in company with Drummond and Timmins to the Millers' Arms. Passed Carr and Spence as we were coming down. After the Lodge was over some members lighted their pipes. Carr, Strange, Meade, and others did so. All pipes were lighted on the platform. I am certain all lights were put out. I put them out myself. I am positive.
By Mr. Turner-I am an officer of the Lodge.
By Police-There was a foot-mat inside the front door and a box. Nothing else. It was not near where I put the candle.
By Jury-I am certain the other two doors were locked, as after the fire had begun I unlocked them by authority of Police. I used my own key. I am the keeper of the Hall. The keys were not out of my possession that night. I made my keys fit both the doors.
Manuel Spence, mason, Nairne, deposed-I was at the Lodge last Saturday night. I left about ten minutes to 10 o'clock in company with King and Carr. Everything was all right when we left. I have a key of the Hall. The key was at home that night. I leave it on my bed room table. I only use it on Sundays. I left the key on my table on Saturday night when I went to the Lodge. I saw the key on the table on Sunday morning about 10 a.m. I lock the doors at night, and don't think anyone could have taken away the key and returned it without my knowing. I saw no one light his pipe before I left.
Charles Mead, carpenter, Nairne, deposed-I was at the Lodge last Saturday night. I left the Lodge about half-past 9, in company with Spence and Carr. I remained to assist putting out t he lights. I lighted my pipe with the candle; several others did the same. No one used matches. Chapman was the last person to leave the Hall. Everything was all right when I left.
By Mr. Turner-I am an officer of tlie Lodge. The appointment of Secretary rests with the Lodge. Mr. Dunn was dispensed with some days before; about a week. I think he left on friendly terms with the Lodge.
Alfred Timnins, saddler, deposed-I was at the Lodge last Saturday night. I left about half-past 9 o'clock, in company with Carr, King, and Chapman. Chapman was the last to leave. He had a candle in his hand. When he got to inside door he blew it out, and placed it on the box before the large door. I am quite sure it was out. He then closed the Hall door. I saw Meade, Strange, and several others light their pipes on the stage. No matches were used. Everything was all right when we left.
By Jury-We have dispensed with our late Secretary. I think he left on friendly terms with the Lodge. I am sure the candle was out when Chapman put it on the box.
Charles Liever, mounted constable, Nairne, deposed-I went to bed a few minutes after midnight on Saturday night. Prior to my doing so I went in company with F.C, Beckum within about 50 yards of the Hall. Saw no light in the Hall or anybody about. I was called by F. Taepe at 1.40 on Sunday morning. He informed me the Hall was on fire. I went to fire and found some women and one or two men carrying tubs. Gave instructions to get buckets and throw the water on the fire, which was coming from small holes in the front door and also from top of the door. The front door was locked and also the side door. I don't think the fire could have been started more than half an hour. I firmly believe the fire originated in the passage, as the inside of the offices was not on fire. After a short retirement the jury returned the following verdict:-" There is not sufficient evidence to arrive at any definite conclusion as to how the fire originated."

The Mount Barker Courier and Onkaparinga and Gumeracha Advertiser (SA : 1880 - 1954) Fri 29 Feb 1884
Saturday, February 23.
[Before Mr. T. J. S. O'Halloran. S.M.]
Alfred Henry Dunn was charged on the information of John William King with assaulting him at Nairne on Saturday, February 16. Mr. Von Doussa for informant. As defendant did not appear the case was heard ex parte. The service of summons on defendant was proved.

John William King, auctioneer, deposed- A In Noble Grand of Flinders Lodge of Oddfellows Nairne. Was at the Lodge meeting on Saturday, February 16. The defendant. was also there. Was reading correspondence-according to duty. Received a letter from the Provincial Grand Secretary in reference to 3 received by the defendant, and making a complaint against him. The defendant was sitting nearly opposite me when I began. He moved from his seat and came behind me on my right side. Asked him to sign receipt which was enclosed in the letter, and he denied having received the money. It was a gift from a benevolent association of the Lodge. I said to the Chairman of Trustees (Mr. Slee) "Has the Secretary got his guarantee bond back?" He replied "No." I said to defendant "You did receive the money, and entered it on the cuff of your shirt." Defendant said "You're a liar," and struck me on the left throat, and knocked me over against my left supporter. I fined him 5s.-according to the law of the Lodge. There were a number of members present.

Mr. Von Doussa said he had satisfied the Court that the summons had been served on defendant, and had proved that an offence had been committed. He asked, therefore, that a warrant should issue for the arrest of defendant. The Court granted the application, and a warrant was issued accordingly.

The Narracoorte Herald (SA : 1875 - 1954) Fri 2 May 1884
From the Metropolis.
(From our own correspondent.) April 28.
Mr. Alfred Henry Dunn, clerk of the Nairne District Council, is stated to have robbed the Government and the rate payers of 1,500. He cleared out of the district about three months ago, and he has not since been heard of. A warrant was issued for his apprehension in an assault case, brought at the instance of John William King, J.P., a rival auctioneer, but no effort was. made to serve it. The accounts of the Council hare been in the hands of the Commissioners of Audit for the last few weeks and now a second warrant has been issued for Dunn's arrest, the charge this time being embezzlement. Dunn was a free and easy, careless, good-tempered fellow, and most people gave him the credit of being a fool, though, none debited him with roguery. The Councillors of Nairne say that his depredations have not exceeded 400, and they indignantly deny the truth, of the official statement which fixes 1,500 as the sum. However, whether the amount is L400 or LI,500 it is very certain that the local publicans received nine-tenths of it, for Dunn was very fond of "shouting for the crowd" when he went into an hotel. If he is brought back no satisfaction, in the shape of monetary return, will be received by either the Government or the Council. In fact many folk in the district are found to express the wish "Well, after all, I hope old Alf'll get clear; he wasn't half a bad sort o' fellow." It may interest you to know that Mr. Alfred Henry Dunn is a nephew of Mr. John Dunn, J.P., and a cousin of the Hon. John Dunn, M.L.C.

The Argus (Melbourne) Saturday 9 July 1904
Death Notice:
DUNN.On the 7th July, at the Melbourne Hospital (suddenly) Alfred Henry, dearly beloved husband of Susanna Dunn, of 69 Waltham-street, Flemington, aged 59 years.


bullet  Other Records

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Alfred married Susanna RYDER [920] [MRIN: 304], daughter of Joseph RYDER [918] and Mary HILL [919], on 30 Jan 1867 in Res of Joseph Ryder, Nairne, South Australia. (Susanna RYDER [920] was born in Mar 1841 in Windsor, Bucks, England, died on 21 Feb 1918 in Wool Bay, South Australia and was buried in Stansbury Cemetery, South Australia.)

bullet  Marriage Notes:

1867 SA Marriage 70/304 DUNN Alfred RYDER Susanna Nairne

South Australian Register Friday 1 February 1867
Marriage Notice:
DUNN-RYDER.-On the 30th January, by the Rev. Charles H. Goldsmith, at the residencc of the bride's father, Alfred, eldest son of Samuel Dunn, Esq., of North Tauton, Devonshire, England, to Susanna, second daughter of Mr. Joseph Ryder, of Nairne. No cards.

The South Australian Advertiser Saturday 2 February 1867
Marriage Notice:
DUNN-RYDER -On the 30th January, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. C. H. Goldsmith, Alfred, eldest son of Samuel Dunn, Esq., of North Tawton, Devonshire, England, to Susanna, second daughter of Mr. Joseph Ryder, of Nairne. No cards.

South Australian Register Tuesday 26 February 1867
Marriage Notice:
DUNN-RYDER - On the 30th January, by the Rev. Charles H. Goldsmith, at the residence of the bride's father, Alfred, eldest son of Samuel Dunn, Esq., of North Tauton, Devonshire, England, to Susanna, second daughter of Mr. Joseph Ryder, of Nairne. No cards.

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